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Re: TSA Thugs: TSA Agents Beat And Jail Disabled Teen With Brain Cancer

On Jul 2, 2016 4:16 PM, "juan" <juan.g71@gmail.com> wrote:
>         No country deserves respect and some countries are way more despicable than others. US ranks first.

I love countries and their cultures, my dear.  Unhappily, there are frontiers among all the countries.

>         It's funny. You got the american treatment in the tor mailing list. You saw what kind of garbage the boyces and the quinns posted here. And you are still making excuses for "the land of the free"?
>         Something is very wrong.

I admiss I didn't like Boyce, Dani Moth, Quinn and Ted's messages, but I am not "making excuses" for their country, Juan. 

Ted was the most aggressive of all and I think he was talking only about Zenaan and you, but he seems _a lot_ the kind of guy who shoots in someone's head saying that some people "deserves" it for being different.  I was really shocked after reading his messages.

Boyce's act of banning was disgusting, but what really upset me was the "rape apology" stuff.  It was completely unnecessary and pretty sick knowing my past and details of my present.  But, well, everybody knows his ego is much bigger than his intelligence.  He is an intelligent guy, but is very pretentious.  It always was usual inside Tor Project core team.  He follows their patterns.

In that occasion, I admiss I hoped sincerely that Boyce and Dani Moth were raped twice each one, because only a person who _really_  was raped can be completely sure that making "rape apology" always will be impossible for me. 

I love sex.  Rape is not sex, it is violence, fury, torture.  It's dark.  It is to feel a dark and deep fear of death.  Usually, I don't feel fear of death.  It is the only certainty in this uncertain life.  I swear I felt the same desperate fear of death when I was raped.

Nobody deserves to feel this kind of despair.  I was angry in that occasion and I sincerely apologize for wishing something so cruel for Boyce and Dani.  I regret it a lot and ask pardon for being like them.  It is not correct at all.

Quinn is intolerant and has narrow patterns of decency, but he is a good person and I like him, Juan.  You are not exactly tolerant and open-minded too, haha!!  ;D

> >  [Cecilia]  It would not be rational to hate USA for killing my family.
>         "a 2015 Pew Research Center survey finds that the share of Americans who believe the use of nuclear weapons was justified is now 56%, with 34% saying it was not. "

Sorry, I don't believe in all researches because I have lots of researchers as friends and colleagues and I was a researcher in several moments of my life too, my dear Juan.  And you know, I am terribly hard headed like you, haha!!  ;D


It was a political decision, not military, Juan.  In all the countries, in all the places, the problem is the government, not the people.

Few stupid and cruel politicians killed my family, not the North American people.  There are lots of infinitely sad ghosts stories in Hiroshima.  Shadows and eternal crying...  I sincerely hope these sad ghosts haunt all the cruel politicians who decided to play with human lives.

My migraine is still killing me and my mood is really bad.  I don't like drugs, but tried a lots of medicines for pain in last days.  My hard head and I think they didn't work, haha!!  ;D

I bet you will feel envy now, Juan.  Coconut ice cream and sweet corn ice cream, nom nom...  Trying usual food will be a disaster.  Ice cream is a good choice when feeling sick.  My mood will be better soon, hihi...  <3

I was thinking about lemon and ginger popsicles, much better for sickness, but they had only creamy ice creams now.  So, I will make tea.  Hot and cold together, hihi...  <3

You are a good person, my dear Juan.  I was wrong about Razer and you being a couple in love.  Now I hope you, Razer and Mirimir can make a lovely ménage à trois and being happy forever, hahaha!!!  ;D

Nope, I am sick and you are too far to kick my butt like a soccer ball... and Messi is not playing anymore, hahaha!!  ;D