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Re: TSA Thugs: TSA Agents Beat And Jail Disabled Teen With Brain Cancer


USA killed great part of my dad's family.  They used nuclear weapons to destroy lifes and cities.  Japan was already deeply destroied when they decided to test their nuclear bombs.  My dad's family used to live in Hiroshima.  You know what happened with them. 

My mom always says it was racism, that US probably would use the bombs in some oriental country or in Africa anyway, because oriental people and black people are always considered inferior people there.  They are not Caucasian, they are different physically, they have different ways of being, beliefs, religions, food, etc.

Well, the problem is not North American prejudice, but all the prejudices.  All the people have difficulties to understand, to accept and to respect differences, to manage their personal references.

USA and Germany used the war as an excuse to test their new toys playing with human lifes.  Japan, Italy, England, France, all the other countries didn't do the same just because they had not 'new toys' or they probably had played with them in a cruel way too.

The problem was not the country, but all the wars.  There are lots of good people in all the countries, in all the places.  A country is not a villain or the good guy, Zenaan.  Russia is not better than USA.  They are different countries and have different backgrounds.  Both deserves respect.

It would not be rational to hate USA for killing my family.  Lots of people there also lost their families in that stupid and cruel war.  I need to hate all the wars,governments, bad people, cruelty and lies, not USA. 

(Certainly, mosquitos too.  Maybe also Vegemite.)

Take care, everybody!  Have a lovely weekend and lots of love and fun!  <3


[OT]  My mom's family is Shinto.  You can imagine my mom's extreme happiness when, some years ago, I told her about my North American Jew boyfriend, haha!!  ;D