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Re: Wikileaks is the Endgame

On 07/01/2016 07:28 PM, juan wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Jul 2016 19:15:15 -0600
> Mirimir <mirimir@riseup.net> wrote:
>>>> As much as I sympathize for victims of criminal states, I believe
>>>> that anonymity systems are essential for protecting privacy and
>>>> freedom. I also believe that they may eventually reduce state power
>>>> substantially. Although that's seeming more and more like a dream.
>>> 	OK. This is the first reasonable and honest thing you said.
>>> 	You finally acknowledge that all your bullshit is a
>>> 	'dream' - it's not reality and not true.
>> That's fundamentally the cypherpunk dream, I believe. So why do you
>> bother being on this list, if you think that it's all bullshit?
> 	Bullshit is all the tor propaganda you vomited and vomit,
> 	fucktard.
> . 
> 	And I don't think the cypherpunk dream is to have a fake
> 	anonmity network created and run by the pentagon. Unlike you,
> 	apparently.

Yore reading comprehension sucks ;)

Read the fucking paragraph that you quoted. It says nothing about Tor.
It's about anonymity systems generally. That's what you're apparently
saying is bullshit. Or have I misread you?

But right now, Tor is the best we have. So we use it, with suitable
precautions. Or we play naked. What else do you suggest?