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Re: TSA Thugs: TSA Agents Beat And Jail Disabled Teen With Brain Cancer

On Fri, Jul 01, 2016 at 09:26:39PM -0300, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
> On Jul 1, 2016 8:21 PM, "Zenaan Harkness" <zen@freedbms.net> wrote:
> >
> > Land of the free. Home of the brave.
> >
> > All hail America.
> Zenaan, my dear, your country serves Vegemite to children.  It's a pretty
> serious crime against humanity and it occurs daily, in all Australian
> schools.

<feels great shame>

Guilty as charged dear Cecilia.

<quietly pulls brown paper bag over head>

<smacks lips in quiet guilty self satisfaction from this morning's
vegemite and butter on toast, struggles to cope with the knowledge that
he will commit the same crime again tomorrow; guilt is such a terrible,
terrible thing>

> It has lots of sodium, a disgusting flavour and stinks more than my
> disastrous homemade Sauerkraut.  Am I saying "Hail Australia", Land of
> Vegemite and Home of Crocodilo Dundee?  :-)

Well, you just did - Yay Crocodilo PONIES!!!!  :D

> This crime was horrible, really shocking and sad, but the point is
> recognizing publicly the existence of a repulsive crime and never more
> permiss that something similar occurs in the whole world, not just
> criticizing a country.  Sorry, it doesn't make sense.

The number of crimes being committed by American govt and its organs
(CIA, NSA, five eyes, FBI, private corporations running their jails,
their diplomats, their banking cartels, their MIC, their corporations,
their "rendition", their illegal unlawful unethical prison
jurisdictions, their ...)
is almost beyond belief.
The hegemon "America" is out of control and perpetrating evil on a scale
the world finds difficult to even grasp, and regular Americans seem to
be in a lot of denial about the depth, breadth, intensity and
persistence through time of the wrongs their government continues to
perpetrate in their name.

Blindness to the problems, or doing nothing to fix the problems, is
called acquiescence, and is also called tacit consent - i.e. Americans
who are not opposing their government, are by default (tacitly)
consenting to the evil perpetrated in their name.

> I do love my country, but it never will be a blind stupid love.  There are
> lots of disgusting crimes here and also in your country, in the USA, in
> Russia, in the whole world.  No exceptions.

I am in vigorous and persistent proclamation of the evils being
perpetrated by the idiots in my Australian government. I continue to
participate, decade in and out, in grass roots groups who make steps to
fix some of these problems. As best as I am capable.

Many Aussies I've come across are very complacent, comfortable and to be
honest, apathetic. We are such a young country, immature in many ways
from "ooh you're not yet 18 you mustn't touch a drop of alcohol, even
though we know this leads to Aussies being some of the greatest binge
drinkers in the world" to our population-wide immaturity around
relationships and sexuality (second only to America it seems), to our
bloody idiot politicians like Tony Abbot (previous prime minister)
publicly saying he will "shirt front" (bounce his chest against, in
order to topple over) the Russian president Putin (yes it wouldn't
really happen, but shit, how firetrucking immature can we Aussies be?
We're a bloody embarrassment to the world!!!)

We Australians "punch way above our weight category" on an international
level, in many forums - mostly sport, but also science and computing and
business, and we have a steady parade of actors who make it to
Hollywood. We can be rightfully proud of our limited cultural,
scientific and humanitarian achievements and I don't deny this to my
fellow Australians.

Yet the reality is, we can do SO much better, and we have many problems,
and evils being perpetrated and perpetuated in our name, which we
absolutely MUST fix up/ stop!

Australians need to grow the f!#$ up!

> The USA are not my favorite country, but it was not a regional problem.
> Violent crimes happen in every single country of this world, including
> Russia.  Please, remember it.

I agree. But the USA government is most definitely not a regional
problem. It is a military, financial and political hegemon. And it is
perpetrating murder, democratic goverment overthrows, coups, war,
torture, "cultural export", and basically worldwide thuggery in the name
of some bullshit ideology of "democracy".

This is a very great evil, being done by America, and supported by many
Western countries such as Australia, Germany, France, the UK and plenty
of other me-toos.

We must not fail to do everything we can to name the World's Greatest
Problem today, to educate people about this problem, and to work towards
something less problematic.

THIS is why I will never let up on America - not until they stop
murdering and torturing and overthrowing peoples all around the world,
in the name of "Democracy" or whatever the firetruck ideology they want
to pretend to be "promoting" with these techniques (murder, torture,
overthrow, etc).

> Ah, for your knowledge, I hate all the governments, including Russian.  No
> exceptions here too.  As Mirimir, I love Russian people, but it is too much
> innocence believing that Russian government is better than North-American
> government.  Both are disgusting.

At the moment, the consequences are quite different.

I am confident, seeing the actions of current Russian govt lead by
Putin, so much restraint in the face of so much Western provocations,
for so many years, that Putin will continue to cause Russia to act
conservatively and towards a multi polar (politically) world. He will
win the next election, his popularity guarantees that, which means
another 7 to 8 years for him, and for the world for which I am very

Next Russian president, of course I cannot predict. But Putin, yes I can
confidently continue to predict, as his personal record is
unimpeachable - every country could be extremely proud.

I really really hope that the next Russian president after Putin (in
about 7 years time from now) will reach at least half the standard of
Putin in leading Russia.

Remember, the 10 to 15% of Russians who disapprove of Putin, think he is
much too soft against the West's provocations... this is a very serious
point. Soros and the Neocons wanted to provoke significant reactions
from Russia, and they did not get it, so they have no excuse to raise
WWII (not yet anyway) - how can I be anything other than EXTEREMELY
grateful to Putin and those in the current Russian parliament who
support him?

We should all be grateful for the current situation in Russia - there is
absolutely no comparison to America's actions on the international
stage, AT this point in time in history.

I hope my passionate reply is ok :)

Cecilia, thank you so very much for your speaking from your heart. You
do speak important truth which I support. It is very good for us to
focus on the love that individual humans bring to this world. I hope
that more and more love can go into actions which bring the governments
of the world into more alignment with what is good and healing for this
world and its people.

I think we share very similar hopes for the future...

Have a wonderful day,