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[OT] Fwd: [Programming] Tutoriais de Diversas Linguagens

Hi everybody!  :)

I was thinking about sending this message only for Juan because it was written in Portuguese, but these links are interesting for everybody who wants to learn a bit more about programming in several languages.  #love  <3

Sorry, my strong migraine is killing me now, so I won't translate my original message, but, yes, even feeling pain, the links made me really happy and I had lots of sincere laughs writing that e-mail and reading the manifesto, hihi...  ;))

Hope it can make you smile too. 

Lots of love and kisses!!!  <3


PS 1:  -  Mirimir, I love you!  Migraine, lots of pain, neck tension, fever, my lovely insomnia...  but I have electricity, internet, water and music, so life is still fun, yay!!!  <3

PS 2:  -  Juan, the word "fuderosa" doesn't exist.  I mixed a Brazilian bad word and the adjetive "poderosa".  It means that Samuel Jackson has a f*cking powerful voice, hihi...  :)

Hey, I am helping a MIT researcher with an open repository of lyrics, a pretty cute project!  Would you like to help her?  She also needs lyrics in Spanish and more references of artists from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, etc...  :D

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Dezenas de tutoriais de diversas linguagens, porque é essencial "Become a Programmer, Motherfucker", hahaha!!!  ;D


O Manifesto "Programming Motherfucker", uma paródia do "Agile Manifesto", me fez rir mais do que deveria, admito, hahaha!!!  ;D


Perdão, queridos, realmente não consigo parar de imaginar a voz fuderosa do Samuel Jackson dizendo "Programming Motherfucker" enquanto escrevo esta mensagem, hahahaha!!!  ;D

Estou LOLando alegremente até agora, hahaha!!!  Perdão, Agile Lovers, Devs e todos que detestam palavrões, mas risadas e material de estudo *sempre* são úteis, eeee!!!  :D  :D  :D

Beijos, amor e muitas risadas para todos!!!  Excelente final de semana, eeee!!!  <3

Ceci, bobaaa...  :D