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Re: [Cryptography] [RFC] random: add new pseudorandom number generator

On 10/4/21 at 12:28 AM, phill AT hallambaker.com (Phillip Hallam-Baker) wrote:

I am currently relying on Microsoft for the Mesh RNG. They have much more
time to do a good job on this than I do.

But I would like to have a belt and braces approach. If I make someone else
the weak point in my system, I am inviting the rubber hose squad (or worse)
to attack them.

I would take the approach that combining 5 bad random sources with one good one can result in a good source. Admitting that I'm well behind the times vis vi modern thinking about random generators, I would collect as many "unpredictable" sources as I could find and combine it with the Microsoft RNG. I would probably use a secure hash as the combining function. UI event timings, disk timings, network timings, all are hard to predict from outside the machine. Even if they are "squish" they may make attacks on the Microsoft RNG ineffective in your system.

Cheers - Bill

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