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Re: [Cryptography] Shortening block cipher length...

On Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 6:35 PM Ray Dillinger <bear AT sonic.net> wrote:

On 7/18/21 12:11 AM, Natanael wrote:

Den sön 18 juli 2021 01:18Ray Dillinger <bear AT sonic.net> skrev:

     Counter mode, classically, is P XOR E(Ctr) = C.  Using the same set
of operations the same number of times each you can implement a clearly
superior counter mode E(P XOR Ctr) = C. 
XOR is not a good combiner here for a plain counter, P XOR Ctr exposes if the plaintext iterates (or rather decreases) by the same value as the counter in between blocks. If P goes down by one and Ctr up by one, C is identical for the for the two blocks. 

Either the counter must be pseudorandom or you must use a different combiner like a keyed permutation (double block cipher invocation per message block). 

     You are absolutely right.  The counter needs to be obfuscated.  Still better than classic counter mode IMO, but the counter still needs to be obfuscated. 

     So.  Darn.  The improvement requires at least one more operation than classic XOR construction.  I don't think the additional operation needs to be as heavy as a cipher block invocation though.  I'd be happy with a relatively weak construction for the counter, because it's sitting behind a block cipher invocation. For example one could use a Mersenne Twister as a counter, and that's pretty darn light.

     With or without the additional expense of an obfuscated counter, however, I'm going to stand by the assertion that nobody should ever use Counter Mode, nor any XOR-construction stream cipher, because every bit of ciphertext needs to be a function of every bit of at least one decent-size block of plaintext.  

Congrats, you have essentially re-invented OCB.

But that is fine because (1) Rogaway is a very smart guy and (2) this is probably how I would teach OCB mode if I do another crypto course.

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