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Re: [Cryptography] IPsec DH parameters, other flaws

On 11/23/20 7:49 AM, Christian Huitema wrote:
While QUIC started as a Google project, it is being standardized in the IETF. There are several independent implementations of QUIC, by Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, Cloudflare and many others, including mine. They are not "married to the Google code base".

Here we come full circle in this subthread. Iang proposed a NIST-style competition for network protocols instead of IETF-style "rough consensus and working code", and I pointed out that if you need interop, NIST-style is not a good match and one probably needed something like IETF. Then you asked whether I meant something like QUIC.

And indeed I might have because QUIC was not adopted through a NIST-style competition. Yes, it was initially a Gogle-proposed protocol, but IMO it gained traction by getting it (slowly, slowly) through the IETF.


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