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Re: [Cryptography] Satoshi Nakamoto Email Timestamps Disambiguation Request

Kapilkov, Michael wrote on 16/11/20 3:53 am:
Talking into account different time zones, you get:

 1.   Oct 31 14:10:00 ET
2. Nov 1, 2008 18:16:33 ET

Some additional clarification based on the headers I already posted:

The first date you listed is the one in the Date header of the email itself, when it was mailed by Satoshi. The bottom Received header shows it arrived at the mailing list's server about ten minutes later.

The second date is an incorrect translation of the time showed at mail-archive, where it the time it received the mail was Sat, 01 Nov 2008 16:16:33 -0700. Daylight Savings Time in Eastern Time zone did not end in 2008 until Nov 2, so that time was Nov 1, 2008 19:16:33 ET (-0400)

The Received headers I posted have an approximately 29 hour delay between first received by the mailing list server and being sent out to the next step. I assume that is how long it sat in moderation waiting to be manually released. That 10 minutes plus approximately 29 hours sum to the gap between Oct 31 14:10:00 ET and Nov 1 19:16:33 ET
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