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Re: [Cryptography] Swiss helped with CIA spying

Dave Horsfall wrote on 12/11/20 4:12 pm:
> Old news for some, but it's the first time that I've seen it acknowledged
> in the major media … 

The Wikipedia article on Crypto AG was created in April 2004. On February 10, 2005 the following paragraph was added:

"Crypto AG has been accused of rigging their machines in collusion with intelligence agencies such as the United States National Security Agency (NSA), enabling such organisations to read the encrypted traffic produced by the machines. Crypto AG has dismissed these accusations as groundless.”

The article's discussion of the allegations have expanded over time and were quite elaborate well before the recent story about the Swiss government investigation. This includes information corroborated by NSA history documents that were declassified in 2015 and reported at that time by major outlets, including BBC News. The documents describe a 1955 deal between the U.S. and Crypto AG.

This is indeed old news.

Arnold Reinhold

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