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[Cryptography] Swiss helped with CIA spying

So runs the headline in

``Swiss investigate report that firm helped CIA crack top-secret messages

Zurich: Switzerland is probing news reports that the US Central Intelligence Agency and West Germany's spy service used a Swiss company's encryption technology to covertly crack other nations' top-secret messages, the Swiss defence ministry said.

The company, called Crypto AG, sold code-making equipment to Iran, Latin American nations, India, Pakistan and dozens of other countries. The technology was modified to let the CIA and Germany's BND break codes, the Washington Post reported along with German and Swiss broadcasters ZDF and SRF.''

Old news for some, but it's the first time that I've seen it acknowledged in the major media; this would be the Enigma, of course. I particularly liked the statement "Crypto sold rigged systems..."; they were not rigged, but merely broken (in a crypto sense); I guess journos wouldn't understand that.

-- Dave
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