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Re: [Cryptography] EU pushes for backdoored encryption

On Nov 10, 2020, at 2:22 AM, Danny Muizebelt <dannym AT packetloss.at> wrote:

The ORF news agency in Austria got hold of a fast tracked internal EU resolution which would demand backdoors in end-to-end encrypted messaging apps like Whatsapp and Signal.

The solution for legal, "targeted" access to private data(which I have been defending for many years) is NOT encryption backdoor.
It's simply, "hardware or operating system level backdoors". And we also know that those backdoors exist for a very very long time.
So, there isn't any problem for accessing "targeted" access to any kind of private data. 
They just need to "legalize" a "de facto" truth: Asking hardware and/or operating system level  backdoors passwords by a legitimate court order in case of strong suspicion(In fact, they are actually and legally doing this for regular phone calls, with court orders. They must just pass a new law for operating system/hardware level access to devices).
They make cheap demagogy!

Ismail Kizir
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