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Re: [Cryptography] The Truth Social Network: A Decentralized Social Network

On 2 Nov 2020, at 20:13, btc_joe via cryptography <cryptography AT metzdowd.com> wrote:
>> With social media like twitter and fb there is one durable copy of the
>> content. <-- likely important.
>> That has a lot of value when people change devices. A safe window at
>> work (oximoron)
>> a phone, a laptop, a chromebook. Family accounts.
>> Then there is the lost laptops and phones problem ;-). [yes plural].
> In this system the content is, arguably, even more durable. That's sort of the point. On twitter, I am granted permission to post on their platform, at any point in time my content can be 'cancelled' and all record of it lost. Now, of course I do have the option to back up that content before that happens if I am smart, but permission to publish can easily be taken away if I piss off the wrong person. On the TSN, you begin by storing your own data (given you are willing to run a BPS), if you can attract others to run a node of your identity chain, cloutchain, and mine--it becomes increasingly redundant.


My Twitter account (@alfiedotwtf) got de-platformed (account suspended), and when asked why, they said they weren't going to tell me and said not to ask again. I did take a few backups, but after being de-platformed, although I could log in and see my feed (for a while but then they eventually purged my following list too), I *could not* perform another backup as that was one of the actions blocked too (luckily it's all still on the Wayback Machine).

Centralisation is a dangerous thing.


Alfie John

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