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Re: [Cryptography] In the event of my death, master password

On 2/27/19 at 7:48 PM, johnl AT iecc.com (John Levine) wrote:

In article <90699fc4-f672-7620-6754-51ec2c2a9a7b AT a2zliving.com> you write:
More to the point, is how would you (with a technical background) like to access yout
password for example?

On a piece of paper in the same file with his will.

You don't want to put your will in a safe deposit box as it will take a court order to open the box and find out who is named as executer. Putting your passwords, along with other valuables, in the box is much more reasonable.

If the password needs to be used more quickly than the legal process will give access to your safe deposit box, consider giving it to your executor before you die.

All this applies to your parent's passwords.

Cheers - Bill

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