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Re: [Cryptography] Does RISC V solve Spectre ?

At 11:15 PM 3/24/2018, Bill Frantz wrote:
>People who are interested in these issues might be interested in looking at the Mill architecture.
>The TLDR is: The mill is a family of statically scheduled chips with significant differences in number and type of functional units.
>Using them to best effect falls on the compiler and a post compiler phase called the specializer which prepares the program for specific chip.
>The web site has quite a bit about the technology, including videos of public presentations of the technology.

Indeed it does.

See this presentation in particular, where Mill claims that its processor is immune to Spectre/Meltdown, but that they *did* find a speculation bug in their software (which means that there are almost certainly equivalent bugs in compilers for other machines):


Spectre, Meltdown and the Mill CPU

Will Edwards will AT millcomputing.com

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