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Re: [Cryptography] Does RISC V solve Spectre ?

On 03/23/2018 06:05 PM, Henry Baker wrote:

> Great idea.
> Let's see how well it works in practise.


> # stuff finally shows up at yyyyy in the cache at this point in time
> # I just received this $$$ box from Amazon that I ordered 5 months ago.
> # I can't remember what I was doing at the time, or why I ordered it.
> # Well, gotta go now, so throw it in the trash or give it away.

You're being facetious of course. Compilers don't need to "remember"
what they were doing and why they asked for data to be precached; like
every other instruction, pre-caching instructions are generated in the
first place from the actions and reasons.

But obviously you know that.  So you must be making a joke but I don't
know what you're making a joke about.

Determining when to undertake these actions is not too hard for the
logic overhead expressed in silicon which presently runs during the code
execution. Moving that overhead to the compiler doesn't make it more
complex than it already is.


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