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Re: [Cryptography] Does RISC V solve Spectre ?

At 04:19 PM 3/23/2018, Ray Dillinger wrote:
>From: Ray Dillinger <bear AT sonic.net>
>Shouldn't all of that stuff be in the compilers, where it can be done
>ahead of time and without occupying silicon nanoacres, and without
>converting watts of electricity into heat during runtime?
>Speculative caching is strictly less efficient than a compiler-generated
>instruction that says "precache xxxxx to yyyyy now" getting executed
>well before needing the data.

Great idea.

Let's see how well it works in practise.

precache xxxxx to yyyyy now.
<instruction 1>
<instruction 2>
<instruction 3>
<instruction 197>
<instruction 198>
<instruction 199>
# stuff finally shows up at yyyyy in the cache at this point in time
# I just received this $$$ box from Amazon that I ordered 5 months ago.
# I can't remember what I was doing at the time, or why I ordered it.
# Well, gotta go now, so throw it in the trash or give it away.

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