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Re: [Cryptography] Avoiding PGP

On 2018-03-21 22:14, Ray Dillinger wrote:
And they're not locked if nobody has to do anything out of the ordinary
to get them open.

Using a key to unlock them is nothing out of the ordinary.

I'd be perfectly happy if there were never any confusion of encrypted
mail with unencrypted mail - in fact I'd prefer to be using entirely
different applications for private and non-private communications, and
rest assured that the mail program not designed for security or privacy
simply had no access whatsoever to addresses or contacts or header
information pertaining to messages other than the plain-vanilla SMTP
stuff it knows how to handle.

No sane person would use that application. If anything people want more integration between their modes of communication, not less. You can scream that is a wish that is bad for security till you see blue in the face.

Usability first. Without usability there is no security.

Also, please stay away from any design decisions that involves artefacts that are going to be used by actual humans.


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