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Re: [Cryptography] On those spoofed domain names...

>> We were always going to have a confusability problem anyways because of
>> typos and font confusability issues.
> Browsers try to focus the attention on the registry-controlled part,
> but I don't know how effective this is in practice.

There is a possible use for this in the management and sharing of of
cryptographic keys and pass phrases.

A mixed font, key strategy might allow the sharing of keys almost in the clear
because the "secret" is the use and abuse of fonts.   It can also eliminate
casual shoulder surfing and key loss.

A web page... local-file or remote allows font  and language games as
does MS-Word.
In my review of documentation delivered via PDF I have always been
amused that PDF
files are not what you see and code cut and pasted does not always compile.

So there may be an ephemeral value in this.

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