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[Cryptography] PageRank for people and things.


Have you considered building a "PageRank" for people?

Imagine the following scenario: a meteorite is detected and it is predicted that it will hit the Earth in 24 months. Suddenly, a worldwide challenge arises: to arrange a team in the shortest amount of time with the best engineers in the whole world coordinating world resources in order to work together towards deviating/desintegrating such threat to human survival.

Idea: a blockchained "h-index" * would solve this in the shortest amount of time.

A distributed Reputation Engine that would rank items (where items = human beings or things/resources) according to a certain parameter, be it "skillfulness at mathematics", "knowledge about meteorites", "leadership" for people or "durability", "build quality", "performance" for things..., etc.

This could be used not only to deviate meteorites but to manage anything from running a company or software projects to running nationwide governments.

What do you think?

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H-index

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