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Re: [Cryptography] How fast can a blockchain go ? like Zilliqa?

On 3/7/18 at 10:24 AM, johnl AT iecc.com (John Levine) wrote:

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The under appreciated part of BitCoin is the smart contracts. They don't do
much in Bitcoin world because it isn't really connected to anything real.
But if you were doing a system in which party A exchanges money/stock with
B and each then want to trade with C and D, you could use conditional
contracts, this one is good if node X has fixed point Y.

Considering that any program large enough to be interesting is large enough
to have bugs, I can hardly wait.

Note the Ethereum has built in smart contracts. They had a blockchain split a while ago because of a mis-coded contract. I wouldn't bet the farm on Ethereum contracts yet. Small contracts are like betting at Reno. There is a significant chance of losing, but it may fall within your fun budget.

Cheers - Bill

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