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Re: [Cryptography] Paid SMTP (PSMTP)

>    First, your mail has gone to my spam box at Gmail, which funnily shows
>    we must do better anti-spam. Well, PSMTPĀ does not suffer false
>    positive.

Of course it does. If I want to spam people, and I'm willing to pay a bit more,
I could do this under a P-SMTP schema. It would simply rise spam prices, not 
eliminate them.

So spamming al CEO's of all fortune 100 company's would cost 1 dollar instead of
of 0.0001 dollar .. big deal. In other words: spam would still exist, but it would
be more targeted, because it would be to expensive otherwise.

I would still 'vote' spam into the spambox, because I don't care that the sender
paid for it. It's still digital crap I don't want to receive (to put it mildly).


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