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Re: [Cryptography] After Equifax pwning, what is the best means for replacing the SSN?

In article <903e4c2d1109f7df3eaf31489be3b614.squirrel@> you write:
>> My preference is to say that any transaction validated with an SSN is
>> presumed fraudulent and is voidable on request.  Fines are hard, they
>> require courts and such.
>Until someone figures out how to exploit that on a wide scale.

That's the plan, to make it unacceptably risky to use the SSN to
authenticate non-trivial transactions.

>I expect at some time in the future our wallets will be filled with
>cryptographic key cards instead of store loyalty cards.

My wallet already is full of cryptographic key cards.  They say things
like Paypass and ExpressPay and Clipper and PRESTO.

> (Or dongles on your keychain, which will make losing your keys even more fun.)

See http://obvious.services.net/2013/07/better-have-big-pockets-if-you-want.html

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