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Re: [Cryptography] Crypto basic income


This paper outlines a revolutionary, open source, decentralized
application platform (DAPP) along with its first major application, a
distributed direct democracy (DDD). To create something scalable
enough to run an entire nation with no representatives, we created two
cutting edge technologies to serve as the foundation of the platform:

1] A decentralized, privacy guaranteeing Human Unique Identifier
(HUID) unique to every person on the planet that returns control of
personally identifying information (PII) back to individuals, allowing
for revocable role based access control to that data.

2] A new Distributed Proof of Work (DPoW) backed blockchain that is
immune to centralization because of a unified client/miner with only
one miner allowed per person, linked anonymously to a HUID. Miners are
randomly drafted into built-in pools, meaning everyone contributes yet
nobody dominates. The system provides a workable UNIVERSAL BASIC
INCOME (UBI), i.e., it pays users to participate, since everyone is
drafted to secure the network. It is incredibly energy efficient
because it does not mine all the time and it is also storage efficient
because it uses a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) of historical
blockchain transactions, allowing it to fit and run on a cell phone.
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