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Re: [Cryptography] Crypto basic income

>    - Do you think it will be possible, at some point, to have some sort of
>    biometric public key infrastructure, where public and private keys are
>    directly pegged to a persons biometric details?

That sounds fairly undesirable, and I don't think any cryptocurrencies that 
provide a basic welfare income will maintain any sort of economic desirability 
with consumers. Why would one trade in a cryptocurrency that is just emulating 
typical banking, instead of just using typical banking? It defeats the purpose 
of a pseudonymous, decentralized and immutable public ledger system.

> - Could biometrics completely replace the need for passwords?

A major thing of interest is that in the United States, biometrics are not 
protected under the bill of rights, meaning that you can be forced to unlock a 
phone that is locked with biometrics against your will. One would need to 
utilize a rubber hose in order to do that with a known phrase, assuming no 

>- If compromise of biometric details occurs, how would one go around to
>    solve this, since it's not possible to, for example, create a new
>    fingerprint for a person?

This seems more appropriate for a doctor; suffice to say that is a limitation 
in the idea of using biometrics, if such a vulnerability is realized. 

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