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Re: [Cryptography] After Equifax pwning, what is the best means for replacing the SSN?

Various wrote:
> You forgot the part about moving to Kiribati.

Those investing in cryptocurrency might actually find that a rather
interesting and easily affordable option as their assets continue to
increase in value.
Buying, building, maintaining their own crypto islands, private nations,
directed by DAO's, crypto-anarchy relocation to influence, etc...
all sorts of new models, all possible thanks to crypto. There are a
number of books and active projects in these "island" fields one
could read and participate in..

> Finally! Some crypto-anarchy on the mailing list! :P

Indeed, because...

> FWIW, just a vote against approving this kind of pre-2K-era cypherpunks manifesto’s on the cryptography mailing list

...too many pre-crypto-awakening government / corporate / banker types
here continuing to make life and solutions forcibly dull and tilted in
their favor.

There are now lots of hungry crypto mosquitos out there that consider them,
and that type of thing, prime blood for the biting. Too bad this time they
can't just go out and spray the local backwater with DDT to get rid of them...
they're everywhere now, hidden in crypto... some of the very same crypto
rolled out and globally entrenched by the phase1 pre-2k-era cypherpunks.

Here's another cypherpunk manifesto that all began right here
on this list (ahem, complainant)...

Welcome to phase2 ;)