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[Cryptography] After Equifax pwning, what is the best means for replacing the SSN?

Hello. Equifax was pwned, and I'm sure you all already are aware.

It make syou wonder, however, why a single 9-digit number is capable of such 
destruction. Why is your identity 9 digits long?

Sure, there are birth certificates as well, but the social security number is 
quite a strange phenomenon. 

So, here's a challenge for you guys if you're interested: Replace the social 
security number as a means of identification, and do it in such a way that 
meets some basic criteria.

-It has to not be completely objectionable and possibly evil (ie, a universal 
identification card or microchipping or requiring blood to be drawn, people 
would frea

-It has to be relatively unforgable, or as unforgable as you can figure out 
how to make it

-It has to be suitable for not just applying for Social Security benefits, but 
also for applying for loans, mortgages, etc. 

I really enjoyed reading the "Have I Been Pwned" discussion that is being had 
on this list. Hopefully this will also be an interesting conversation. 
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