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Re: [Cryptography] Anti-counterfeiting microchip

Le 06/09/2017 à 01:29, Jerry Leichter a écrit :
> Hmm. A couple of years back, when Intel proposed to add a unique ID to
> each chio there was a flurry of objection from privacy advocates.
> Have we collectively completely changed our views on the hazards here?  Or will the objections come back as soon as someone starts to implement this?
>                                                         -- Jerry

Hello Jerry, thanks for your reply. Yes indeed there are serious
tracking issues with this kind of technologies. My motivation is to make
transportable goods usable as cash, as they are exchanged from hand to
hand they are less subject to tracking people than the same technology
being present in an objects people keep with them all year long. The
monetary emancipation that I look for is positive for privacy, but yes
indeed it should not undermine other aspects of privacy.


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