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[oss-security] CVE-2019-14869 ghostscript: -dSAFER escape in .charkeys


This is to publicly disclose CVE-2019-14869 : "-dSAFER escape in

This is another instance of a highly priviledged operator being
accessible by specially crafted Postscript code, that can be used to
break out of the -dSAFER limitations.

It was found that `.forceput` operator was present and unprotected in
the `.charkeys` method and could be retrieved via manipulation of the
error handler.

The `.charkeys` method was vulnerable since ghostscript-9.15, in one way
or another: the privileged operator was `superexec` instead of
`.forceput` until a more recent version.

Upstream fix:

Upstream bug report (currently private):

Red Hat would like to thank upstream, Artifex, for alerting us about the
flaw. The vulnerability was originally reported by Paul Manfred & Lukas Schauer.

Note: similarly to other recent ghostscript vulnerabilities, this one is
mitigated by the recent -dSAFER rework. However, ghostscript-9.27 and
older are fully impacted.

Cedric Buissart
Red Hat Product Security

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