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Re: [oss-security] Membership application for linux-distros - VMware

Hi Alexander,

On 11/5/19 10:04 AM, Solar Designer wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 04, 2019 at 03:03:42PM -0800, Srivatsa S. Bhat wrote:
>> I'd like to sign up as primary for Administrative 5: "Determine if the
>> reported issues are Linux-specific... ", and as backup for Technical 4.
>> "Check if related issues exist in the same piece of software...".
> Great.  VMware Photon OS is now signed up for those.

Thank you!

> SUSE is now backup (was primary) for Administrative 5: "Determine if the
> reported issues are Linux-specific ..."
>> (I did consider the other task that you brought up, namely Technical
>> 6, but I think we'd need more experience on the list before we can
>> sign up for that task).
> I thought so too, which is a reason why I also directed that request to
> other distros reading our discussion.
>> Also, is there a write-up somewhere that defines exactly what primary
>> and backup means in this context?
> No.
>> At the moment, I'm assuming that,
>> for a given task, the primary distro will take up that task for every
>> issue that gets posted onto linux-distros; and in case the primary is
>> unavailable (due to vacation/travel etc), then the backup will step up
>> for that task until the primary gets back. Is that how it works?
> Yes, and besides that I also expect the backup to watch the list for
> related aspects of issues that the primary might have missed or
> misunderstood or mishandled, and chiming in as necessary to correct
> that.  For example, let's take Administrative task 1:
> "Promptly review new issue reports for meeting the list's requirements
> and confirm receipt of the report and, when necessary, inform the
> reporter of any issues with their report (e.g., obviously not actionable
> by the distros) and request and/or propose any required yet missing
> information (most notably, a tentative public disclosure date/time) -
> primary: CoreOS, backup: Oracle"
> Given this, I expect that if there's no response to the issue reporter
> and the list by CoreOS within a day, Oracle would respond in their place
> even if these distros had not negotiated/announced any vacation/travel
> beforehand.  (We tell reporters that they should expect a response
> within 48 hours, which leaves about one day for the primary to respond
> and another day for the backup to respond in their place if the primary
> did not.)  Similarly, I'd expect Oracle to send a follow-up message to
> the reporter and the list if CoreOS' response is missing required
> information or questions/requests - e.g., the report didn't have a
> tentative public disclosure date/time yet CoreOS didn't request that.
> I'd also expect Oracle to chime in if they find CoreOS' response wrong -
> e.g., if it acknowledged the embargo, whereas Oracle finds the issue
> "obviously not actionable by the distros".

Thanks a lot for explaining the roles of primary and backup with such
detail and clarity!

>> If
>> so, will we get to know the contact details of other distros so that
>> we can coordinate our schedules?
> Yes, but per the above that isn't enough, and it's also less important
> than you might have expected.  For distros with more than one person
> subscribed, my expectation is that they'll almost always be around to
> handle whatever they volunteered for, and the backup's role is primarily
> in making sure that the work is being done correctly all the time.

That seems fair, thank you!

>> On a related note, would it be okay for me to request another member
>> of the Photon OS team (whom I can vouch for), to be added to the
>> linux-distros list, so that we can have at least one person from our
>> team always available to take action for our distro, in response to
>> the issues disclosed on the list?
> Yes.
Great! I'd like to request that Alexey Makhalov (amakhalov AT vmware.com)
from the Photon OS team be added to the linux-distros list. I have
worked with Alexey closely for several years and I'm happy to vouch
for him.

Thank you!

VMware Photon OS