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[jfw] Question on FOF container

need help on fof3 container.
This is the code of my view:

 * @var \FOF30\View\DataView\Form $this
 * @var \Nglibrary\Site\Model\Profile $member
 * @TODO executer la recherche et le nbre de page sans quitter le layout
 setlocale (LC_TIME, 'fr_FR.utf8','fra');
$params = JFactory::getApplication()->getParams();
$member = $this->getModel();
$family = $member->getFamilyMembers();
<div id="nglibrary">
    <div id="profile" class="borrowings">
    <a href="" class="btn btn-default"><i class="icon icon-arrow-left"></i> <?php echo JText::_('BACK'); ?></a>
        <h2><?php echo $member->lastname; ?> <small><?php echo $member->firstname; ?></small></h2>
$config = [
    'view'           => 'Copies',
    'layout'         => 'profile',
    'task'           => 'browse',
    'limit'          => '0',
    'borrower'       => $family,
    'render_toolbar' => false

FOF30\Container\Container::getInstance('com_nglibrary', [
    'tempInstance' => true,
    'input' => $config
        <div id="borrowings" class="borrowings">

$config = [
    'view'                => 'Borrowings',
    'filter_order'           => 'borrow_from',
    /**    'limit'=> '7',
    'limitstart'=> '5',**/
    'filter_order_Dir'      => 'DESC',
    'layout'              => 'profile',
    'task'                => 'browse',
    'nglibrary_member_id' => $member->getId(),
    'render_toolbar'      => false

FOF30\Container\Container::getInstance('com_nglibrary', [
    'tempInstance' => true,
    'input' => $config

 and this is my profile.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <header name="title" type="Searchable" sortable="false" />
        <header name="authors" type="Field" sortable="false" />
        <header name="library" type="Field" sortable="false" />
        <header name="borrow_from" type="Field" sortable="false" />
        <header name="borrow_to" type="Field" sortable="false" />
    <fieldset name="items">
        <field name="title" type="Text" />
        <field name="author" type="Text" />
        <field name="library" type="Text"/>
        <field name="borrow_from" format="%d %m %Y" type="Calendar"/>
        <field name="borrow_to" format="%d %m %Y" type="Calendar"/>

can somebody tel me why when i am clicking on filter or make a searchable title, the DNS of my page is reset to the index.php ?

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