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[jfw] Upgrade to PHP 7 - String class name and Router issue


I'd like to upgrade to PHP 7 and I encountered the String class name error, Since I have not found the updated framework class (similarly to the CMS one)  I decided to rename the class into "StringHelper" and then replaced each "String::", "\String", "/String" occurrence inside the package.

The web application now runs ok but....the routing is not working anymore and it's always going to the Default layout. No error is thrown.

The point is that inside the App.php doExecute function, the line

$controller = $router->getController($this->get('uri.route'));

is always assigning the Default Controller value because $this->get('uri.route') is empty! In fact, if I replace $this->get('uri.route') with the correct routing name (i.e.  $router->getController('test') for url mywebapp/www/test) the page is loaded correctly.

I checked everywhere...the Registry.php get function shows the call to uri.route but then the $this->data object is filled with the config.json data only.  

Does anyone has any suggestion about what I could be missing?

Thanks in advance.

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