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[jfw] Re: Extracting J! CMS libraries

Me and Michael have considered both these packages in the past.

For JAccess there would need to be sizeable changes because we can't distribute a package that's completely static method based. Me and Michael had a WIP based on JAccess as it was about 2 years ago but it never really went anywhere

I'm still not convinced if by the time JTable has been framework'd whether it will be hugely different from Eloquent

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On Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 7:03:13 AM UTC+1, Matias Aguirre wrote:


In this last time I decided to move the code jUpgradePro to use DI because this change would help me in many things and I have found that many of the libraries I need to jUpgradePro, are based on CMS.

Exactly, these are the libraries I need: Table (and its variants), Access, Event, and User.

So I have been forced to remove these libraries so they can be used outside the CMS. I leave two links with these libraries:


Anyone know if these libraries will someday be extracted or will remain in the CMS? What will be the way of Joomla! on this topic? Any thoughts are welcome.

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