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Re: [jfw] Re: Develop Joomla CMS Component vs Joomla Framework App questions

On 16 August 2016 at 22:02, Michael Babker wrote:

That’s not quite what I meant. If you include a well-crafted Docker compose file in the CMS repo itself, people can just checkout the repo, run `docker-compose up` and then point their browser at the site without having to deal with installing the LAMP/WAMP/MAMP stack themselves. You are up and running ready to test and if you mount your volumes correctly, you can do hot patching. No need to use things like Vagrant anymore.

If you watch the Dockercon 2016 opening keynote you’ll kinda see where I’m going with that (https://youtu.be/vE1iDPx6-Ok?list=PLkA60AVN3hh9gnrYwNO6zTb9U3i1Y9FMY&t=2081). We do this at work now with all our micro services and it really helps everyone develop or test on a level playing field.

Andrew Eddie

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