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[jfw] Understanding Session - sample app


I have developed my App using the Joomla Framework and, as starting point, this very useful sample App: https://github.com/dbhurley/framework-app

Now I would like to enhance my app with Login-Logout capabilities and I have some issues with the Session class.

1) I can't understand why a session is always started, no matter if I explicitly start it or not. I've found in the App.php code the following function:

public function getSession()
        if (is_null($this->newSession))
            $this->newSession = new Session;
        return $this->newSession;

But by searching all the app files, this function is never called...is there anyone that knows where and how the session is actually started?

2) The session never expires.
Inside the framework Joomla/Session/Session.php file, the following is declared:

     * Maximum age of unused session in minutes
     * @var    string
     * @since  1.0
    protected $expire = 15;

So I understand that an unused session lifetime is 15 minutes, but that does not work: the session keeps its open state even after days.

Can you give me some hints?



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