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[jfw] Re: is it ok to use Joomla\Session\Session

Sorry, my bad. 

I am initiating it again as new Session.  But I already have a session variable declared in my App.php file.
So  I tried in my controller with:
$session->set('test', 'Testing');
echo $session->get('test');

Its working good.   Find my own solution. just after posting here. Lol. 


On Tuesday, 3 November 2015 00:11:31 UTC+1, Ganesh Kumar wrote:

I am trying to use Session package from Joomla.

Here is my code.

$session = new Session;
$session->set('test', 'Testing');
echo $session->get('test');

With this code, I got no error and no output.

Please shed some light on where I am messing it.

BTW.  I hope Session package is not deprecated at-least for next 6 months. 


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