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[jfw] PHP 7 Support Blocker - JInputCookie & JSession Bootup

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First, for those who have no back story, https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/issues/7143 can give some background.

The basic summary is that using the CMS' 3.5-dev branch or the Framework's Session v1 package, we are in a state right now where sessions are not correctly booted up on PHP 7.  After testing different variations in the CMS and Framework stacks (noted on the GitHub issue some of the combos I tried), I've basically boiled down the failure to a common point in all of our code; JInputCooke (Joomla\Input\Cookie on the Framework side).  Using this gist - https://gist.github.com/mbabker/f79242fd1afccf1ca645 - as I've noted in it with George's Session PR, replacing calls to JInputCooke with accessing $_COOKIE directly gets everything working correctly, and using alternatives that don't use JInput at all work fine.

From my own testing on PHP 7, we seem to be working just fine with the core application on the platform minus this one semi-major issue.  If we can identify and fix this bug, from what I've tested, that is the last roadblock to saying we are PHP 7 "ready" (pending any other changes made in the language during its beta phase).

Anyone have any time to help dig into this one or ideas on troubleshooting paths to take?

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