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Re: [jfw] PSR-2: The Second

In the changes I have worked on for "Remove sniffs in favor of built in ones" https://github.com/joomla/coding-standards/pull/102 I do use some of the PSR-2 standards since they are the same as the custom sniffs in the current Joomla standard. So in these cases we will get the code style fixers when migration the phpcs 2 is completed. I agree with Michael, we shouldn't adopt a change that differs from the existing code style as it could/would be disruptive even if we have fixers in place.

<!-- Include some additional sniffs from the PSR2 standard -->
<rule ref="PSR2.ControlStructures.ElseIfDeclaration"/>
<rule ref="PSR2.ControlStructures.ElseIfDeclaration.NotAllowed">

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