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[jfw] Re: Discussion - Framework v2 Roadmap

Here is my input.

### Minimum Supported PHP Version

Definitely drop 5.3 as it is a year past it's end of life
5.4 is questionable since it's EOL is this fall, but would be the lowest acceptable minimum
5.5 would be a preferred minimum even with the EOL in Summer 2016

### Database
As per the Framework roadmap "For version 2, we are looking at ... potentially consuming a third party database system."
Suggestion to incorporate Doctrine DBAL in V2 (suggested on github)
Doctrine DBAL seems like it might be a good candidate for consideration as it is an "Abstraction layer and access library for relational databases. A thin layer on top of PDO with a lot of additional, horizontal functionality."
This would fill some of the holes  

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