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Re: [jfw] Versioning namespaces

Am Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015 07:37:59 UTC+2 schrieb Andrew Eddie:

I'd love to start from scratch, but my concern is the community would
not forgive us "again" (after 1.6). I think the only practical way to
upgrade the CMS, and justify this team, is to do it by stealth.

We have to separate between users and developers. Developers should be thrilled about a modern API unless they are that kind of developer which want to make money with the least effort.  And the reason why users blame Joomla for 1.6 is not 1.6 per se, it's the fact that there weren't a solution to migrate without a bunch of investments. 
But i don't think that migration would be problem as it would be a new product. There are concerns about dividing the community and manpower, but that's just math.
You can't just "we will loose x% manpower, because they will work on the future release only", you have to see how many developers you are loosing if nothing changes.
Even with a ability to migrate the data to a new Joomla i think that building a new application + migration tool is gonna be faster than thousand little steps where each step has to be discussed for weeks.

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