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Re: [jfw] Versioning namespaces

Am Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015 04:13:46 UTC+2 schrieb Andrew Eddie:
So in one respect, the FW has been doomed from the very beginning, not
because the idea is wrong, but because the community allows and
tolerates too much rubbish to be thrown at its best contributors. To
fix that, however, requires strong and gutsy leadership and, nothing
personal, but we have simply not seen that in Joomla leadership for
many years. The reason, I think - and I understand and empathise, is
out of fear of causing yet another drama.

I'm not sure if we need a "strong" leadership, but like every social group which is following a goal, there has to be a responsible mediator who can lead a group without forcing them into his direction only.
OR, the PLT needs to restructure the teams so that people that want to
talk about code and talk about code without users interjecting because
they simply don't understand what's being discussed.

A first step might be project leaders for single packages. If i want to improve a package, why i need to go through a full FW leading tribune ?
But no matter how you slice is, code reform is needed and the scope is
simply massive (so you are going to need all the experience you can
get). How on earth do people help make that happen?

I proposed a solution a while ago: Making a straight cut and be able to produce without unnecessary dependencies and politics like "Hey, we want awesome code, but it should fit in the current mess". You can't build a plane by using the spare parts from your old car. And it has nothing to do with moving away from Joomla, it's just about building the future now. Typo3 is a great example with Neos. I thought "Icarus" (still the worst title ever) might be the right step, but unfortunately it fell like it's eponym.

This is only my personal opinion as a person who works which Joomla since years, always trying to stay in touch with the core without being successfull, but seeing how many people are leaving Joomla is really frustrating.

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