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Re: [jfw] Re: What is the Framework Team supposed to be

> Maybe there's a misunderstanding. I meant that the FW should not force the
> CMS. Of course, the CMS should use
> the FW. Let's take an example: The FW evolves, creating new packages and so
> on, no one cares, everything is fine.
> Now there is a feature request or whatever which brings the CMS in a
> situation where it's not satisfied with the current implementation.
> Instead of saying "Well, it's your problem. The FW does everything right",
> the CMS and FW should share thoughts.
> Maybe, the CMS
> - has just doesn't understand how to use the package. Then the FW needs to
> explain it and/or improve the documentation.
> - has a real new feature request. Then the FW should find a solution.

+1000 that's exactly how it should happen.

Andrew Eddie

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