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Re: [jfw] What is the Framework Team supposed to be

If you think of the CMS as a product, it makes sense to have a
separate team that is building the raw materials (the framework), and
a separate team that builds widgets out of those raw materials
(extensions and the CMS application that makes them run). It's no
different to looking at the separation of concerns when we are writing

It goes without saying, but let's say it, that both (or all) teams
MUST work together in the same direction to build the products that
Joomla ships. But at the same time, both teams with have areas that
don't overlap and being in separate teams provides freedom to do
"other" things (this is why the Framework was split off in the first
place, because contributions that could not be used in the CMS were
being blocked).

It means that the Framework and CMS teams need to have regular
meetings to make sure common priorities are aligned, and the competing
priorities are balanced. I don't see that as being a problem and in
the event of a deadlock, the PLT is there to break it. With the new
structure, if teams are not working together, it's a failure of
leadership one way or the other.

However, because this team is dealing with the raw building blocks of
code, I think there is a mandate that we need to develop a culture of
ruthlessly striving for best practice. And that should provide a
positive feedback loop into the rest of the project. I'm thoroughly
sick of dragging my standards down to the lowest common denominator
just because people are resistant to change or don't want to learn a
better (and usually less expensive) way.

But I don't have the time or energy to solve all the problems in all
the teams - so this is where I start because the Framework Team is
small, and that makes it agile, and it's where an architectural
thinker like me can contribute the most.

Andrew Eddie

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