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Re: [jfw] What is the Framework Team supposed to be

Am Freitag, 22. Mai 2015 02:31:07 UTC+2 schrieb Michael Babker:
My only thought about the above is that when all is said and done and things are moving forward again, we (the teams steering development on the distributed products in Joomla's brand) need to be doing so in unison.  Yes, the CMS and Framework are going to diverge with regard to target audience, the tools provided by them, and maybe where a feature lays in the code stack, but there needs to not be a public perception that the two teams are competing for resources or that the teams are doing two different things and both need to play catch up to figure out what's going on within them.  If Joomla's mission "is to provide a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration" then the two teams should work together to execute that mission.

Just my opinion, but i think most of the time people might think that there are two teams in competition, because of the unnecessary drama. And i think the quality of that drama is kind of unique in the php universe. I truly don't see any reason for that. Let's assume one day we will have smaller (and more productive) teams aka working groups like: One for the real basic application, one for the content extension and so on. Which besides sounds like the only reasonable way for me. Will the "Joomla-Team" still be speaking about competition ?

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