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[jfw] What is the Framework Team supposed to be

Following on from the other discussion which is wandering across a few topics, I thought it would be helpful to try and better define who we are (with the odd view to establishing whether I actually want to be involved, but I'm sure many of you are thinking the exact same thing).

I think it goes without saying that we, the Framework Team, have an image problem, if not an identity crisis.

Whatever you call it, I think we need to sit down and work it out. To that end, here are some thoughts on how Joomla could or maybe even should look upon the Framework Team.

Purpose statement

1. We are the people that write the engine(s) for Joomla software (not the CMS team, not the IFW team, we do).
2. We deliberately write our code in separate, testable packages so that Joomla's code can be used by any developer in the world.
3. We guide continuous improvement in the architecture of the Joomla's software so that its code is:
   a) easy to understand,
   b) easy to maintain,
   c) easy to test with automation tools, and
   d) easy to customise or extend


1. We value software craftsmanship, continually striving for architectural excellence.
2. We value the future generations of software craftsmen, thus are always eager to mentor those wanting to learn the craft.
3. We value backward compatibility and seek only to "break" things when absolutely necessary.
4. We value the "interface" over the "implementation".


In short this is proposing a paradigm shift - that we are the source of the code spring or river per se.

The FW Team sets the pace for for the tool kit that the Joomla CMS has to write it's extensions. To pull out a simple example, the FW Team writes the MVC, the CMS Team writes the extensions built on our MVC.

The FW Team wants other developers to use the code so it's important we structure things so that other Joomla and non-Joomla based developers can do that.

Not only that, we need to be guiding the architectural decisions for all software that the project needs or produces.

And above all, we strive for excellence. This means that when we change things, it's because it's a better way that will probably save you time and money in the long run.

If this is what people want (and it's what I think the entire project needs), I think that's a pretty exciting thing to be involved in, no?

Thoughts, comments, constructive criticism?

Andrew Eddie

Framework source code: https://github.com/joomla-framework
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