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Re: [jfw] Re: Packages - Keep or Dump?

> I think the first option is not the right way to go. Not worth as  the j4
> API has to be finished before backporting such a forward layer. This ends
> still in a scary gap for ext dev as there is no legacy layer in j4 then?

Correct, but it means that 4.x does not need to be released for a very
long time (you are grafting 4 into 3 to allow developers time to
change). So the first option is equivalent to, for example, doing
4+legacy and then releasing 5 without the legacy layer.

But the more I think about it, a clean break and a legacy layer is
going to be the easier option to work with. The code in the CMS is so
old it's just not worth trying to fight with it.

> Call me naive but maybe the dev separation is a problem. FW + CMS + EXT =
> joomla devs should agree together if this approach is the right way forward
> and then pull other stakeholders in.

Interesting you should say that. So George and I were just talking
about things in general today, and the suggestion came up to move the
Framework Team under the Joomla 4 Team (when that exists properly). I
think I do like that idea.

Just thinking out loud, if the Joomla 4 Team was made up of a
framework team, an application team (the actual CMS part with
extensions), a UI/UX team, a documentation team and a quality &
testing team, I think we'd be in a really good place to move forward.

It would be interesting to hear if other people thought about that
kind of concept.

Andrew Eddie

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