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Re: [jfw] Re: Packages - Keep or Dump?

On 5/26/2015 21:34, Andrew Eddie wrote:
Just thinking out loud, if the Joomla 4 Team was made up of a framework team, an application team (the actual CMS part with extensions), a UI/UX team, a documentation team and a quality & testing team, I think we'd be in a really good place to move forward. It would be interesting to hear if other people thought about that kind of concept. Regards, Andrew Eddie

I know i'm not the best coder but I'd like to throw my observations out there.. first, I like this idea the best. Makes perfect sense. The application team can decide what it needs, tell the framework and ui folks that info so they can work their respective magic, the doc team can then create SOLID USABLE information ( not just here's a class and its children ) and the q/a can build the tests. Makes perfect sense and is the way big business does things afaik.

I'd like to throw out one caution though. I hear some core dev's complain the code in the cms is horribly outdated. well, I'm not sure how that can be but ok. What I do see is the constant changes of names. For example we have JDocument and JHtml. Some say using one is better then the other but yet they both do pretty much the same thing. Soon we'll have JLayout which will change things yet again. Let's please think ahead and pick one class family name and stick with it. deprecate everything else!! If things need to be non b/c in 4.0 so that the cms and other apps can mature then do so! Don't "tweak" other libraries to fit joomla, if thats needed then make our own or tweak joomla to fit theirs so that we can keep the underlying libraries up to date and as bug free as possible. Bootstrap is a great example of what should be fairly easy to update and yet has stagnated to the point where we need to seriously look @ skipping BS 3.x and jumping to 4 which is due out in the near future. From what i've seen and read there were few enough changes between 2 and 3 that we could've done the rewrite already if it had been more centralized.

Lastly we've got an ancient menu system. a dropdown type Horizontal menu and solid ( offcanvas?) mobile menu should have made its way into core years ago. Lets fix this in 4.

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