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Re: [jfw] Re: Packages - Keep or Dump?

> I'm not suggesting Joomla should go play in it's own little corner, just
> trying to putting focus where focus should be. Looking at it purely based on
> install base the CMS is used by 3% of the internet, the framework has max
> 10k installs...

Yes but the Framework is still included in the CMS so the distinction
is somewhat moot.

I don't think anyone disagrees that the Framework as a marketing
exercise has been a complete failure. So should we give up on
perpetuating that idea? - sure, why not.

> Lets considered another way of looking at this. Instead of discussing what
> packages to remove, what about looking at what packages are worth developing
> further for a 2.0 release ?

For the sake of it or for the benefit of the CMS? If the latter, that
would necessitate the CMS actually having a technical roadmap to be
able to determine such things. If the former, as I've said, there are
better niche projects to align with to do that than the Joomla brand.

Andrew Eddie

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