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Re: [jfw] Re: Packages - Keep or Dump?

Even if the numbers are lower than those advertised the main point here is that Lumen is faster than Silex and Symphony. Why?

Because Drupal embraced Symphony and they shouting around victory!

And if Joomla ends up with Lumen will have a great opportunity for all the obvious reasons:
- Lumen is faster than Symphony or Silex
- It’s also faster/easier to create apps (we should make sure the same will be true for components/plugins)
- Joomla offloads some critical code maintenance/update and thus will be more focused on the part that will maintain
- there is a big community (those outside of the joomla) that will quickly get involved 
- Most of us (inside of the joomla community) will be happy to see Joomla not trying to do everything in house

So follow the trend, embrace a (micro or not) framework and build on it!

Sorry Mike for ruin this thread, I stop here.

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