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Re: [jfw] General configurations

> Not only that it could be extended by other forms, but also be forked to fit in another context. 

Some of the work we did with the JED library was to allow for links between the manifest/XML files.
The JED uses its own form/field library, so you can define something like this:

<!-- the "standard" way to insert a fieldset -->
<fieldset name="info">
 <field type="text" name="name" label="Name" />

<!-- load in a 'reusable' field set from a location (Use JPath to inject possible paths) -->
<fieldset name="imported" location="registry.path.to.external.fieldset.xml">

<fieldset name="xtra">

  <!-- Create a select2 list whose ajax request looks @ index.php?option=com_jed&view=users&format=json, the list options are key'd on jos_users.id and show name, email as the label ->
 <field type="select2"
    label="name, email"
    label="User" />

We also extended the manifest file so that it dealt with the list view set up :

<heading name="name" />
   <heading name="age" />
<filter name="name" type="select" label="Name"/>

<prefilter where="age" condition="&gt;"value="18" />

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